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The popularity of Bleyle around 1995-98

During the period from 1995-1998 the TextilWirtschaft TW, the Brigitte puplishing house and the Federal Sttistical Office were intensively involved with the textile company "Bleyle". Exciting questions were examined, such as the gender and age groups or target groups, the Bleyle brand was represented and popular in Germany. The results were presented in clear graphics and charts and convey fast the first impression of Bleyle´s popularity at that time.

How did the population look in 1995 in Germany?

How does the female population like the brand Bleyle?

Where is the degree of popularity Bleyle in% in the respective age groups of the women?

What was the target group potential for the women?

What position did Bleyle rank among the top 25 brands in Germany's men's clothing?