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Herrmann Max (Max) Bleyle

second son of Wilhelm Bleyle

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Hermann Max Bleyle

Hermann Max Bleyle

lived from *15.06.1881 to †1965,
married with Maria Weber, they had no child.


In 1913 Max Bleyle got into the family enterprise, one of three co-owners.

He was early the right hand of the father, took over the technical management in the company and attained early the procuration status.

He gave the company a face and coined its orientation ; he was against its co-shareholders as primus inter pares.

He was popular, showed strong social engagement, addressed a number of charitable institutions for the workers.

He brought the company to the international success.

Birth & Education

Wilhelm Bleyle´s second son, born on 15 June 1881 in Feldkirch in Vorarlberg, rose with 14 years on his father's request as an apprentice in the family business. From the beginning, he worked on the life and work of his father, to lead it to success. Also like his father Wilhelm Bleyle, Max was sent as a young man on business travel. Max has never completed a higher school or studying, he regretted repeatedly. He served from 1901-1902 at the Austrian military. After two months he was dismissed as unfit, what saved the service in the first World War.


Max was liked very much as a leader of the big family enterprise. As a works manager he was respected and was a quiet and controlled man. He rarely allowed himself a vacation and rest. Under him numerous beneficent institutions were furnished for the workers e. g. a big kitchen, reading room, libraries, free theatres, lunch subsidy etc. With Max Bleyle there were no dismissals, also during the war he tried to hold his people. During the time of the national socialism Max was not declined the rulers and their ideology. He maintained relations with the highest circles, and was valid as a member of the Göring clique.

relentless Dedication

With Max at the head the company grew to international size. He forced the business with the foreign countries and got there also suggestions. For his tireless efforts he had to pay with his health. In the autumn of 1930 he was diagnosed with 49 years of Meniere, which became apparent in balance disorders.

The big break

A big break in the life of Max Bleyle happened in 1938. On the basis of national betrayal or tax evasion he was condemned together with his brother-in-law Arthur Weber to a massive fine and prison. The Bleyle GmbH was discontinued following the resignation of members in their existing form as a family. Leased was the family business by the end of the war under foreign management. In 1948 Bleyle falls back again by a new establishment in family hand. Max decisively contributed to the reconstruction in the post-war period.

Wilhelm Bleyle

(1889 - 1926)
company founder

Karl August Bleyle

(1889 - 1926)

Friedrich Ernst (Fritz) Bleyle

(1890 - 1976)
Marketing manager

Arthur Weber

(1882 - 1962)
Bleyle export