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1948 Prosperity for Bleyle

Production admission and resumption of the textile enterprise in 1948

On 1.10.1948 Wilhelm Bleyle oHG bought the shares and passives back. The leasing contract, concluded in 1938 by the Wilhelm Bleyle GmbH, had already run out before. The Bleyle Asset Management was owner of the real estate assets in Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and Brackenheim. She leased them to the oHG. Wilhelm Bleyle oHG was newly founded and established by the old partners, Max and Fritz Bleyle, as well as with his brother-in-law Artur Weber, his son Erich Weber and Dr. Ing. Albert Griesinger. The assets at this time are DM 3 million.

During this time, Bleyle employed 2467 people, of whom were women and only 406 men. The company Bleyle always had a higher percentage of women, compared to the male labor face. This was noticeable in comparison with the other textile companies during this period. The sons Max and Fritz Bleyle, as well as Arthur Weber, are again joining the family business as a shareholder. An exciting phase begins in the 1950s/60s, when Bleyle awakens to a new flowering, as it went up in the entire German textile industry in the 1950s.

1950 Reorientation of the clothing

After the Second World War, women´s clothing was the focus of attention and a reorientation of the offer. The company was able to built on old successes and revert to the established structures of the interwar period. The product range was extended by Vetrix and Nixe, which meant a strong orientation in the market for women´s wear. The Vetrix collection included dresses, skirts, pants, stockings and pantyhose. Under the trademark "Nixe", which was registered in 1953, a popular and well-known swimwear collection was created.

Deux-Piéces Tunis
Deux-Piéces Tetuan
Deux-Piéces Tour
Ladys trousers Famulus
Women´s dress

1950 Export abroad

From the 1950s onwards, the fashionable side of the Bleyle product range can be exported and Germany´s own Bleyle stores with clothing have been opened for the whole family, for example in Berlin. Bleyle employed 3200 people, had five production sites, exported to 35 countries and achieved a 75 million DM annual turnover abroad in 1955. With the focus on women´s fashion by the Vetrix line, Bleyle became an attractive fashion brand in the post-war consumer society alone through quality. From the beginning of the 1960s began Bleyle with the establishment of a network of franchise shops.

fashionable product range
fashionable product range
Bleyle´s kid´s fashion
Bleyle´s men´s fashion
Girl´s fashion
Ladys fashion
Ladys skirt
Ladys skirt
Ladys cardigan

Sales figures

The period from 1959 onwards was entirely devoted to the importation of goods and merchandise from italy. Since 1958, there was a branch office in Milan where the import of goods from Italy began in 1959 through the company Eurotex, which was founded for this purpose. The balance sheet total rose from 10.6 million DM to 19.2 million DM in 1955 and 1960 30 million DM. In 1961 the Vetrix brand already accounted for 34% of the total turnover.

  • In 1948/49 the balance sheet number rose by 10.6 million DM
  • In 1955 to 19.2 million DM
  • In 1955, Bleyle abroad produced an annual turnover of 75 million DM
  • 1960 finally to 30 million DM
  • In 1961 Vetrix accounted for 34% of the total turnover

Nevertheless the company still had a high credit debt, the fines and the high payments from the year 1938. These gave a hard time to the companions from the past still very much.

Family disputes

What also burdened the company were the frequent disputes between Fritz Bleyle and the other sharholders of the company. They wanted to declare Fritz Bleyle as insufferable and to classify him as schizophrenic. Serveral certificates and expert were commissioned. Fritz Bleyle and his women (were not married) made the business complicated and unpleasent. His second wife "Hanke" had a strong influence on Fritz Bleyle and was over on the money and financial security by the company. Fritz Bleyle and Hanke bothered the other family members of the shareholders during this period. There came over and over again to unsightly discussion of Frtiz and Anna Hanke towards the lawyers the companion. Also from violence at the meetings was the talk. Protocols of nightly telephone calls from Hankes at the co-workers (Max Bleyle), in which these or their families were cursed.